British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Corporate environmentalism and the reclamation of dormant properties : Giant Nickel, a case study Meyer, Sharon; Gregr, Edward J.


Mining companies occasionally, through acquisition or purchase, inherit old mining sites. These mining sites may contain exploration potential or the potential for new mine development, and most contain environmental liabilities. This paper describes how one company has evaluated their property holdings and, where the potential for further exploration or development is remote, has developed a strategy for reducing liability by reclaiming these dormant facilities. Citing the example of the Giant Nickel property, located near Hope, B.C., Homestake Canada Inc's reclamation strategy will be followed from the first stage of site assessment, hazard identification, and reclamation work scheduling, through reclamation activities at the site, including the reclamation of the mill site and tailings ponds, closure of all workings open to the surface and the disposition of a collapsed crown pillar. This paper will also outline the steps taken to ensure that the reclamation work effectively accomplished the goals of the reclamation strategy.

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