British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Greenhouse trials on use of biochar versus peat for land reclamation purposes Petelina, Elizaveta; Klyashtorin, Alexey; Yankovich, Tamara


Experimental testing has been conducted to determine the effect of amendment of soil with mineral fertilizer, biochar, and peat on emergence, survival, establishment, and productivity of northern boreal plant species grown on poor substrates in a controlled environment (in greenhouse). Four species (slender wheatgrass, rocky mountain fescue, American vetch, and common yarrow) were grown in pots containing poor sandy soil amended with mineral fertilizer and/or organic amendments (peat or biochar). The greenhouse temperature, lighting and pot watering regimes simulated the conditions of vegetation growing season in northern boreal forest. The trials showed that mineral fertilizer had a limited ability to promote plant growth compared to peat and biochar. Both types of organic amendments had similar positive effects on the establishment of two test species (American vetch and common yarrow) and on the growth of three test species (slender wheatgrass, rocky mountain fescue and American vetch). Peat had a stronger positive effect on emergence of slender wheatgrass and establishment of rocky mountain, while biochar promoted the common yarrow growth better than peat.

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