British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Pinchi Lake mine closure : demolition debris disposal Marsland, Rob; Unger, Michelle; Donald, Bruce


The Pinchi Lake mine operated from 1940 to 1944, and again between 1968 and 1975. Between 2010 and 2012, the mine underwent decommissioning and reclamation. This paper reviews the development of the plans for on-site disposal of demolition debris from decommissioning of the infrastructure including the ore processing and roasting facilities. This paper describes: the investigations by Teck to evaluate disposal options, including identification of the challenges associated with the recycling of scrap metal that could potentially be contaminated with mercury; the involvement of local First Nations in the process; and, the subsequent evaluation of on-site disposal options. The selected on-site disposal option of backfilling part of an open pit with the debris and waste rock was accepted by the First Nations and was also approved by the regulators. The design of the landfill, the waste testing and emplacement requirements and the results of the environmental monitoring are provided.

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