British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Closure of the Lumby Quinto Site Ames, S.E.


The Lumby Quinto Mine Site is located approximately 27 km east of Vernon, BC. It is built on the side of Saddle Mountain and overlooks the town of Lumby. The Quinto Mine was an “abandoned underground mine” which has a long history dating back to 1900. No mining or exploration activities have occurred on the property since 1994. The site was acquired by Consolidated Thompson in 2008. The new owner determined that the site needed to be closed. When the last operation closed, everything was left including buildings and milling equipment. The site also included adits, two small tailings storage facilities, a water storage pond, ore stockpiles, and waste rock. The ponds were located on the floodplain of Bessette Creek. Additional drilling was done on the floodplain for metal analysis and a bat study was carried out for the adits. Based on the findings of the detailed investigation, a closure plan was developed. This involved removal of buildings, backfilling of the adits with waste rock and backfilling the ponds. The ore was removed from the site. Material was sorted on site and recycled, as much as possible. The site was closed using local demolition and earthworks operators and reclaimed. All closure activities were monitored. The site was closed in 2011.

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