British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The mine that almost closed : a review of fifteen years of reclamation at the Kitsault Mine, Alice Arm, British Columbia Tashe, N.; Borges, L.


The Kitsault Mine, a molybdenum mine located on the northwest British Columbia coast at the end of Alice Arm, operated intermittently from 1968 until 1982 when low molybdenum prices and market conditions forced its shutdown. The mine operation was under a care and maintenance programme until 1996 when mine reclamation began with the development of a reclamation plan, implementation of mine facilities decommissioning and site preparation for revegetation. Revegetation and water quality goals were also addressed in the plan. The mine was on target to apply for a closure certificate, until redevelopment of the mine was announced in late 2008. This paper presents information on the successful implementation of the reclamation plan, particularly site revegetation, addresses how reclamation planning was used, and reports some of the lessons learned in revegetation efforts in mining.

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