British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Teck Coal's reclamation research program - a synthesis of 40 years of experience in mountain mine reclamation Straker, Justin; O'Brien, Billie; Jones, Ron


Teck Coal operates five metallurgical coal mines in the Elk Valley of southeast B.C.: Fording River, Greenhills, Line Creek, Elkview, and Coal Mountain Operations. Along with their sister mine in Alberta, Cardinal River, these mines make Teck the second-largest exporter of coking coal in the world. Teck Coal also has two non-operating mines, Quintette and Bullmoose, in northeast B.C. Reclamation and reclamation research has been conducted on some of these sites since the beginning of modern mine development in the late 1960s. Together, these mines have reclaimed almost 7,000 hectares of land. In 2010, Teck Coal initiated a project to compile data and interpretations on reclamation research conducted to date on their eight open-pit metallurgical coal mining operations, with the objective of producing a synthesis of the current state of knowledge with respect to reclamation techniques on these sites. This synthesis focuses on the following two questions: 1. What has Teck Coal learned in over 40 years of reclamation at its operations? or “What do we know?” and 2. What are the future challenges or needs with respect to reclamation research and practice? or “What do we need to know?” This paper will present highlights from the Teck Coal Reclamation Research synthesis document, particulary with respect to the two questions above.

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