British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The benefits of biotics in erosion control materials for critical sites : better business, improved soil and stronger vegetation Myrowich, Mark; Nelsen, Roy


Whether it’s the closure of a landfill cell, the remediation of strip mine slopes, or the beneficial conversion of a former industrial zone, erosion control is necessary. It is essential to establishing sustainable vegetation, which in turn protects the entire site in the long term. Increasing regulatory attention and fines have also heightened the economic pressure on agencies, site owners, contractors and other stakeholders in land development and reclamation. Biotics in erosion control products, such as the incorporation of hydraulic growth mediums (HGMs) and beneficial growth stimulants, provide organic additives that are generally missing in the soils overlying critical sites. These growth mediums provide numerous benefits to stimulate natural microbial activity, soil aggregate formation and other natural top soil forming processes and thus ensure the long-term viability and benefits of healthy vegetation. This paper describes how the introduction of specific amounts of various organic materials into HGMs has improved poor and non-native soils (such as clean fill that is transported to a site) that need an organic additive and for slope erosion prevention. With two case studies, it will show how vegetation is established quickly and sustainably for long-term, effective protection; and for the improvement of the businesses utilizing these erosion control solutions.

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