British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Environmental management criteria for molybdenum and selenium : a review relevant to the mining industry. Fitzgerald, Dean; Nicholson, Ronald V.; Regoli, Lidia


Molybdenum (Mo) and selenium (Se) were previously identified as constituents of concern in neutral mine drainage. This concern led to a review of the toxicity and management criteria for these constituents in aquatic and terrestrial environments. The characteristics of Mo and Se, including typical sources, environmental fate and transport, key toxicity effects, and reported thresholds for animals of interest will be reviewed in this presentation. Integration of these effects and environmental fate identify that assessments of toxicity will be complete if a site-specific risk assessment framework is used. An example of a pathways analysis for the fate of Mo will be considered to illustrate a complete site assessment. This information reveals the management criteria for Mo and Se should reflect site-specific environmental characteristics and the use of generic guidelines can result in highly conservative discharge limits for aquatic receiving environments.

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