British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The development of an aquatic ecosystem in Trojan Tailings Pond, Highland Valley Copper Hamaguchi, Bob A.; Larratt, Heather M.; Freberg, Mark


Trojan Tailings Pond at Highland Valley Copper developed in only 15 years from a biologically inactive water body into a productive lake with a well established aquatic ecosystem and fishery. After a further 8 years, the Trojan system remains sustainable with small annual nitrogen additions. There were two compatible goals in this work; improving tailings water cover quality by biochemically modifying the sediment-water interface, and making the pond productive for wildlife and fish. This transformation was achieved using a few simple and inexpensive procedures including fertilization and introduction of essential organisms. The success at the Trojan Pond has encouraged the use of similar techniques in other water bodies on the mine site.

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