British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Mount Washington mine remediation project White, Wayne; Healey, Peter


After a very short history of mining (1964 to 1966), the Mount Washington copper mine has been the major source of acid rock drainage entering the Tsolum River near Courtenay, B.C. since that time. Previous remediation projects have been partially successful at controlling the ARD generation at the site and treating the copper-bearing discharge from the site (Pyrrhotite Creek). The present project is to develop a final closure plan for the mine site. SRK was retained by the Tsolum River Partnership, a coalition of community, industry and government, to develop the closure plan. The preferred option is to place a bituminous liner over the North Pit, improve the diversion works and to treat the drainage from under the cover while groundwater recovers. Phase II of the project, the detailed design of the cover system, drainage and treatment, is ongoing. Detailed engineering plans should be delivered to the Tsolum River Partnership before December 2007.

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