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British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Selenium source characterization and receiving environment monitoring at the Kemess South Mine Davidson, Scott Charles; Chapman, Peter M.


The Non Acid Generating (NAG) Waste Rock Dump (WRD) for the minesite covers an area of approximately 147.5 ha. Selenium concentrations in Waste Rock Creek have been fluctuating above and below the BC Approved Water Quality Objectives for selenium since early 2001 with consistent exceedences of this objective since Fall 2003. Selenium was identified as a metal of concern by the BC Ministry of Environment (MOE) during a review of the 2004 Annual Water Quality report. This paper describes the geochemical test work conducted to characterize the Leach Cap Waste and the physical setting of this material within the WRD. Discussion of the WRD seep chemistry and drainage management controls currently in place are presented in addition to the potential closure scenarios to mitigate long-term selenium concentrations in the WRD drainage. The Selenium Monitoring Plan prepared for Kemess Mines by Golder Associates Ltd. to address MOE concerns associated with this metal is presented. The Plan was submitted for review by MOE during January 2006 with implementation scheduled for Fall 2006.

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