British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Utilization of reclamation habitats by birds within the Highland Valley copper operating area, Logan Lake, British Columbia Howie, Richard


Highland Valley Copper operates a copper and molybdenum mining complex southwest of Kamloops, British Columbia in the southern interior of the province. This paper reports on a reconnaissance level survey to document the response by the bird community to the mining and reclamation initiatives. A total of 2758 observations were made of birds using habitats within the operating area. These observations comprised 13,547 individual birds representing 160 species. To date, 44% of the regularly-occurring species in British Columbia have been found within the study area. 115 species were observed using habitats resulting from mining disturbance and reclamation while 45 species were found only in native habitats remaining undisturbed by mining. Utilization of 24 wetland complexes including tailings and seepage ponds as well as 4 pit lakes is discussed. Species use of reclamation grasslands established on rock dumps and tailings is documented.

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