British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Trout Lake molybdenum property reclamation case study Pelletier, Clem


Rescan Environmental Services Ltd. provided environmental science and engineering solutions for the Trout Lake Molybdenum Reclamation Project for Newmont Exploration Canada Ltd. (Newmont).During the late 70s, Newmont and Esso Minerals Ltd. (with Newmont as operator), conducted exploration for molybdenum. A large exploration drilling program identified a significant molybdenum ore zone at depth which appeared amenable to underground development. In 1982 when molybdenum prices collapsed, Newmont stopped work at the site. The portal was closed off and well secured in compliance with the Mines Act requirements. In 1997, Newmont’s land group inadvertently allowed the claims to lapse and a local prospector picked up the property. Newmont remained responsible for the clean-up of the property under the Reclamation Permit and as such, the BC Ministry of Energy & Mines contacted Newmont. Newmont spent over $500,000 to clean-up the site to a level where they were indemnified of any further claims under Reclamation Permit #MX-5-55. This paper will provide an insight into the novel work completed in order to indemnify Newmont of any further claims from Trout Lake property. This project involved: • Licensing and permitting issues to carry out closure • An analysis of a novel approach to controlling metal leaching and acid rock drainage • Control drainage from an underground adit • Hydrocarbon contamination clean-up • Removal and disposal of machinery and infrastructure: what were the challenges? • Issues with wildlife (beavers) • Working in extreme forest fire hazard conditions and • Operational and safety requirements working with a major mining company. In recognition of outstanding reclamation achievement, Newmont was awarded the 2004 Citation from the Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation, Mining Association of BC, and Ministry of Energy and Mines, for the Trout Lake Molybdenum Project in the Mineral Exploration Category.

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