British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Elk Valley coal waste as a growth medium : results of soil and vegetation analysis from Elk Valley Coal's Fording River, Greenhills and Line Creek mines Straker, Justin; Berdusco, Roger Joseph; Jones, Carol Elizabeth, 1953-; Jones, Ron; Harrison, Sara


The Fording River, Greenhills and Line Creek Operations are three surface coal mines located adjacent to each other in the Fording and Elk River valleys of southeastern British Columbia. These mines are operated by Elk Valley Coal Corporation, and produce high-quality metallurgical coal. Active programs of reclamation research have been conducted on all three properties. One of the primary objectives of this research has been to evaluate the feasibility of reclamation directly on coal waste, as opposed to reclamation utilizing an overlying capping material. This paper reports on the results, both historic and recent, of this research, and presents conclusions on the success of this practice, as well as future directions for confirming this success.

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