British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Closure of the Sullivan Mine tailings facility Marsland, Rob; Rodman, Rick; Newcombe, Bob; Dawson, Bruce B.


This paper reviews the geotechnical and hydrological closure activities undertaken at the tailings facilities of this historic mine. The selection of the appropriate design criteria was based on an assessment of the potential consequence of failure. Design and construction work included: water diversion channels and spillways; and, an ARD storage pond. This paper summarizes the results from the geotechnical and water management programs for the last 10 years of operations and the first 2 years of closure. Predictions regarding the potential effects of the closure activities on water levels and seepage rates from the tailings facilities were made, indicating that phreatic water levels within the tailings would drop and seepage rates would be reduced. Performance and operation of the new ARD storage pond is discussed. This pond is used to enable campaign operation of the water treatment plant, while accommodating seasonal and continuous collection of ARD water from the former mine site.

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