British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Water management and molybdenum treatment at the closed Noranda Inc. Brenda Mines site, Peachland BC Patterson, Michael


Brenda Mines, an open pit copper-molybdenum producer, operated from 1970 until 1990. Located in the southern interior of British Columbia, approximately 200 million tonnes of ore were processed at the site. During the operating period the site water balance was such that discharge of effluent was not required. However, the long-term legacy of the site is that on average 3.1 million cubic meters of water per year, containing 3 mg/L molybdenum, will have to be treated prior to discharge. Water treatment is expected to be required for an estimated 50-200 years. This paper will discuss the water management strategy implemented at the site, and the unique water treatment facility, which reduces molybdenum levels to an average of 0.03 mg/L.

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