British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Cariboo Reclamation Project and sediment control during the construction phase of a major mine McBride, Brian


This presentation will briefly discuss the Cariboo Reclamation Project and the effectiveness of various erosion control structures implemented during the construction phase of the Kemess South Project. During the 1999 field season the Ministry of Energy and Mines implemented the Cariboo Reclamation Project aimed at cleaning up and reclaiming abandoned placer leases in the Quesnel to Barkerville area. Revenue collected from the seizure of the bonds on the properties was used as the basis for the funding of the project. The order of priority for the Cariboo Reclamation Project was to: 1) ensure public health and safety, 2) ensure there was no environmental risk, 3) remove abandoned equipment and debris, 4) recontour disturbed areas and deactivate roads, 5) revegetate disturbed areas. The second part of this paper will discuss control of sediment during the construction phase of the Kemess South Project.

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