British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Native grass seed development - summer 2000 Vaartnou, Manivalde, 1947-


Since the 1970's the use of native plants has often been suggested as a potential answer to problems associated with revegetation of disturbed sites. However, native seed for large-scale reclamation purposes has not been available in sufficient quantity nor at a reasonable price. Thus, M. Vaartnou & Associates have initiated programs to provide a source of native seed for Vancouver Island and the northern interior. The Vancouver Island program is funded through Forest Renewal British Columbia while the northern program also involves the Alberta Research Council and the Dawson Seed Company Ltd. Results are presented from trial sites established on Vancouver Island, and sites in northern Canada. Also, progress of the Alberta Research Council in developing the northern selections as licenced cultivars is discussed, and the ongoing development of the Seed Increase Nursery and Breeders' Seed Production plots for the Vancouver Island program is illustrated. The presentation is primarily intended as an information bulletin for potential end users and regulatory officials as reasonably priced native grass seed could be available early in the new millenium.

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