British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Specialized testing requirements to meet the BC Contaminated Sites Regulation Mawdsley, Brent D.


British Columbia's Contaminated Sites Regulation requires the use of several specialized laboratory testing procedures that determine to what degree a site is contaminated. The results of these analyses can have a significant impact on mine decommissioning projects. Several of these tests are the same as those required for regular environmental monitoring programs. However, the testing for hydrocarbon contamination has been recently revised and more changes are expected in the summer of 1999. Hence, hydrocarbon analysis and interpretation of data are a source of confusion to other industry sectors. This paper outlines the testing requirements of the BC Contaminated Sites Regulation in relation to mine decommissioning with emphasis on clarifying the hydrocarbon testing procedures. It also addresses issues pertaining to analytical variability that can have a significant effect on data interpretation.

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