British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Environmental management considerations for a mine site under long-term care and maintenance Zurkirchen, Linda; Mchaina, David Mhina


Environmental planning for a mine site under long-term care and maintenance (LTCM) plays a key role in ensuring organized and efficient use of limited resources. The objective is to minimize operating and maintenance costs and future environmental liabilities. Significant environmental aspects must be identified during the planning phase to minimize environmental liabilities and risks associated with major site components. Some of the major aspects considered during the planning phase for LTCM include, risk assessment, environmental audit, chemical and reagent inventory, development of a decommissioning and closure plan, geochemical characterization of waste rock dumps and tailings, review of environmental monitoring data and reclamation programs and permit requirements, mixed chemical and reagent destruction program, government consultation, emergency preparedness and internal and external communication protocols. This paper discusses the environmental management considerations for a mine site that is currently under long-term care and maintenance together with lessons learned during the implementation of the plan.

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