British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Development and utilization of an end land use plan for Highland Valley Copper Freberg, Mark; Gizikoff, Katherine G.


At the end of mine life an estimated 6900 hectares of land will have been disturbed at the Highland Valley Copper minesite. The Reclamation Permit for the property requires reclamation to a variety of uses that are compatible with the existing surrounding use. In 1998, a comprehensive End Land Use Plan was developed for the operation that incorporated reclamation work done to date and provided guidance for future reclamation activities. Five land use categories and eight landform units were defined and developed into a conceptual large-scale plan. Detailed planning is now conducted on a site by site basis to achieve the goals of the plan. The paper describes both the methodology used to develop the plan and how the plan is now used on a daily basis.

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