British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Reducing surface hazards and minimizing environmental disturbance at the Aurora-Guindon Mine in south eastern B.C. Quesnel, Jamie L.; Dufresne, Andre H.; Rosentreter, Rieva L.


There are numerous mine sites across Canada and throughout the world that are considered inactive. Falconbridge Limited (Falconbridge) has developed a method of property management to reclaim such sites. The process involves a property assessment with the objective of determining the best-fit reclamation solution based on social, technical and economical realities, which can then be implemented. This management tool has been proven as an effective method for the company, to meet the regulatory requirements for reclamation and closure. This approach to inactive property management was applied to the historic Aurora-Guindon mine. Lakefield Research Limited (LRL) conducted the site assessment on behalf of Falconbridge in 1995, characterizing waste dump materials and water quality. Based on this assessment, a reclamation proposal for the property was submitted to the BC Ministry of Energy and Mines (BCMEM) for approval. Reclamation work was conducted on the property in August of 1998, and two post-construction sampling events have taken place to monitor the effect on water quality. This paper and presentation will exhibit the cooperation between government, industry and consultants to determine the best reclamation option for an inactive property.

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