British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Managing mine subsidence risks at the Three Sisters Resorts development in Canmore, Alberta Predika, Ray S.; Dawson, Richard F.; Stephenson, H. G.


This paper will discuss investigation methods, risk-based evaluation techniques, and remediation strategies that are employed to manage the hazards associated with shallow room and pillar coal mines. Key issues are the size of the development and its proximity to extensive mine workings, as well as the mitigation strategies that have been employed to remediate the mine workings for a wide range of ground conditions and land use objectives. Prior to development, areas are assessed using a risk matrix which correlates the proposed land use with the type of mining hazard that is present beneath the area in order to evaluate the necessity and extent of mitigation that is required. This provides a consistent framework that guides development for the property, and also provides a means with which to convey risk to the developer, investors, regulators, and the general public.

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