British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Pre- and post-mining land capability assessment at Quintette Operating Corporation Smyth, Clint R.; Bittman, Kim


Pre- and post-mining land capability (productivity) assessment on an average-property-basis is a requirement of surface mine reclamation in British Columbia. At Quintette Operating Corporation, a capability assessment was completed in 1997. The results of the assessment showed that pre- and post-disturbance land capability comparisons for the Shikano/Plantsite and Mesa/Wolverine areas were similar. These results are favorable with respect to Quintette's permit requirements of "equivalent land capability on an average property basis." The information generated by this assessment has enabled the environmental personnel at Quintette to optimize reclamation planning for the various post-mining landforms. In this paper, the methodology and results of this form of assessment to reclamation planning and closure management are described.

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