British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The reclamation process at Bullmoose Operating Corporation Lacarte, Michael W.


The ex-pit mined rock piles at Bullmoose were designed as 50 m end dump lifts with 30 m wide safety berms. These lifts are bounded by a steep slope declining to West Bullmoose Creek. A method was developed that would place soil on the slopes of the mined rock piles to a depth of 0.5 m, create sustainable growth, promote slope stability, and produce animal habitat for end land use that was equivalent to or better than what was here before the mine. This method had to be compatible with pit operations to allow mined rock piles to be reclaimed as they reached their final limits to minimize costs and promote progressive reclamation. Once in place, the soil and vegetation has to be assessed to demonstrate that end land use objectives are attainable. Plygons are established and monitored for stability, sustainable growth and native encroachment.

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