British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Monitoring indicators of sustainability at Highland Valley Copper, Logan Lake, B.C. Gizikoff, Katherine G.; Jones, Carol Elizabeth, 1953-; Bloodgood, Mary Anne, 1960-


Highland Valley Copper is a large open pit copper-molybdenum mine located in the southern interior of British Columbia. Since 1986, reclamation research conducted by C.E. Jones and Associates Ltd. at Highland Valley Copper has been designed to assess the performance of reclaimed sites by monitoring indicators of sustainability. These data are used to facilitate future reclamation planning and mine decommissioning. The reclamation research program includes monitoring activities to determine biomass production, species composition, and foliar nutrient status. This paper provides a summary of six years ' monitoring data recently compiled during the preparation of Highland Valley Copper's first decommissioning application for a waste rock dump.

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