British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Successful re-establishment of native trees and shrubs on high elevation coal dumps at Fording River Operations Berdusco, Roger Joseph; O'Brien, Billie; Jones, Carol Elizabeth, 1953-


The Fording River Mine, operated by Fording Coal Limited is located in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia at elevations ranging from 1650 to 2300 m. Research has been conducted at the mine site since 1969 to develop technology for restoring the forest resource and the critical wildlife habitat. Experiments have been conducted to determine the effect of seeding two species of legumes with the conifer species. The effect of an interseed delay of up to five years on various growth parameters of the conifers was assessed. The growth of the conifers was compared to height to age curves developed for natural regeneration on forest sites in the valley. Research has also been conducted to determine the optimal method of establishment of deciduous trees and shrubs which are critical for the development of ungulate winter range on steep, south aspect slopes. Innovative techniques utilizing various types of seedling protectors have been tested. A range of native trees and shrubs have been tested on various sites and lists of candidate species developed.

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