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British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The challenge to develop a reclamation and closure program for mining activities in Chile Olcay, L. A.


Mining exports represents approximately fifty percent of Chilean exports, with foreign investments amounting to US $ 7 billions between 1990 and 1996 for mining projects. The new mining operations and the older one have to comply with the just enacted environmental regulations during the whole life cycle of the mining activity. Regarding those aspects it is important to highlight the positive attitude of the mining sector towards to solve pollution problems. However, at the moment Chile does not have an specific regulation to control efficiently the closure and reclamation stages of a mining site. Therefore, the real challenge is to develop a competent policy, program and regulation of closure and reclamation of mining sites in order to prevent significant pollution problems at the beginning of the mining project and to permit mining Chilean land in a sustainable form. The Chilean Ministry of Mining is leading the aims to develop a policy, program and regulation for the closure and reclamation of mining sites. This process involves many organisations such as public institutions, mining companies, academic community and the community in general in order to develop a realistic policy, program and regulation.

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