British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Reclamation research at Highland Valley Copper Jones, Carol Elizabeth, 1953-; Bloodgood, Mary Anne, 1960-


The reclamation program is an integral part of the mining and mine decommissioning activities at Highland Valley Copper. The reclamation program comprises three related components: planning, operations and research. The planning components of the mine reclamation program include scheduling areas available for future reclamation, identifying site preparation requirements and reclamation objectives. Operational reclamation activities include mine decommissioning work, supervision of site preparation, and seeding and planting sites prepared for reclamation. Reclamation research activities include assessment and monitoring programs and programs to identify specific techniques to facilitate future reclamation planning and reclamation activities. Highland Valley Copper takes a leading role in the reclamation planning/scheduling and mine decommissioning activities. C.E. Jones and Associates provides consulting and supervisory services in the operational and research components of the reclamation program at Highland Valley Copper. This paper provides a brief overview of the reclamation research program and the integrated approach to mine reclamation at Highland Valley Copper.

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