British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

ARD guidelines for mine sites in British Columbia Errington, J. C., 1946-; Price, William A.


From previous project reviews and research, the British Columbia Reclamation Advisory Committee (RAC) developed a set of policies, rules, and procedures that guide its assessment of projects with issues involving acid rock drainage (ARD). This information was compiled into a comprehensive working policy, which covered the entire spectrum of ARD issues, including sections dealing with exploration, proposed mine developments, prediction, prevention, collection and treatment, commercial leaching, permitting, bonding, monitoring, historic sites and existing mines. The RAC policy was released in July 1993, both for public information, and industry discussion and comment. Presently, the RAC is compiling the comments received and forming an expert review group to consider the contentious issues. In the meantime, a large number of projects are undergoing active development and review, including at least 7 proposed mines and 11 closure plans with ARD concerns. To guide its ongoing review and as a tool for advising proponents, B.C. MEMPR have produced this revised set of ARD guidelines, based in part on the July 1993 Policy, with revisions and additions derived from recent mine reviews and from comments received from the public and industry. The guidelines set forth in this paper govern the information required from a prediction program, the type of materials used for construction purposes, preventive techniques such as underwater disposal and blending, and inventory and monitoring requirements associated with waste handling.

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