British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Mount Klappan coal project : 10 years of reclamation experience in northwestern B.C. Polster, D. F. (David Franklin), 1952-; Pituley, L. J.


Gulf Canada Resources Ltd. has been investigating the potential of developing a world class anthracite mine at the Mount Klappan property in northwestern B.C. Reclamation of disturbances associated with development of the proposed mine and planning for reclamation of mining activities were initiated early in the development process. Single species trials were established in 1984, while species mix trials were established in 1985. Operational reclamation work was started in 1985 with broadcast seeding of the tailings pond dyke. Hydroseeding was used initially in 1986 for vegetation establishment at a test pit site and around the pilot preparation plant. In 1988, a trial waste dump was constructed to test reclamation methods which would be appropriate for waste dump reclamation. In addition, aerial broadcast seeding was used to reclaim outlying exploration disturbance. Hydroseeding and aerial seeding were again used in 1993. Methods and results from the Mount Klappan reclamation program are presented. Information gained is applicable to other high elevation sites in northwestern B.C.

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