British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Molybdenum in the environment and implications to mine decommissioning in British Columbia Jones, Carol Elizabeth, 1953-


An environmental concern of several mines in BC is the potential impact of elevated concentrations of molybdenum. Possible impacts of molybdenum include effects on agricultural land use where disturbed land is returned to forage production and/or grazing, and effects on the quality of water, used either as fish habitat or irrigation supply. A review of research concerning molybdenum in the environment as it relates to BC mining conditions was initiated by Environment Canada and BC Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources. This study, funded by CANMET through the Canada-BC Agreement on Mineral Development, involved a review of the published literature and non-published results of studies carried out by BC mines and other sources. Critical to the assessment of the literature and other research results is an understanding of the soil and aquatic chemistry conditions for molybdenum bearing mine wastes in BC. In addition to a review of the presently available information on the molybdenum concern, the study addressed critical questions which remain to be answered and proposed how government and industry could resolve these issues.

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