British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

A new test procedure to characterize the reactivity of mining waste Higgs, T. W.; Poling, G. W. (George Wesley); Klein, Bernard


Process Research Associates Ltd. is currently developing a new test procedure that can be used to characterize the reactivity of mining waste materials. The test involves adding the sample to sodium hypochlorite solution, and monitoring the hypochlorite consumption. Results from preliminary tests on pyrite and pyrrhotite show that the test predicts that pyrrhotite is more reactive than pyrite which is well known. Results from tests with waste rock and ore samples revealed differences in reactivity that could not be discerned from the available rock classification and ABA information. More research will be conducted to define the test conditions and to evaluate the effects of factors such as mineralogy, oxidant concentration, sample size, particle size and spécifie surface area. The test will supplement information from ABA tests to more accurately characterize the reactivity of mining waste materials and provide design information for waste disposal.

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