British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The development of a closure plan for Island Copper mine Horne, Ian A.


Island Copper began it's formal closure plan in 1988. It was a commitment made when seeking approval of the South Wall Pushback proposal, that extended the mine's life to 1996. A Closure Plan was submitted to the Vancouver Island Mine Development Review Committee in 1990. Following the committees review it was agreed to further develop the plan for submission in December 1994. The format of the updated closure plan divides the mineral claim into eight zones of influence; the plant site, the open pit, the pit walls, the beach dump, the land dumps, water management, marine monitoring, and the Marble River pump house. This paper briefly outlines the research and monitoring being done in these areas for the closure plan. Emphasis was given to three options for reclaiming the open pit. They are; to allow the pit to fill with precipitation, runoff and acid rock drainage (ARD) ; or to create a meromictic lake with a passive ARD treatment system in the anoxic lake bottom; or to convert the pit into a municipal solid waste landfill.

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