British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Mine rock guidelines : an overview Sinclair, L. S.


The identification of low pH waters seeping from a uranium mine waste rock dump in northern Saskatchewan initiated the investigation into the potential for acid mine drainage conditions to exist at the mines in northern Saskatchewan. Studies conducted by the companies operating in the province and the Saskatchewan Environment and Public Safety Mineral Industry Environmental Protection Branch (MIEPB) identified acidic seeps at each of the mining operations. Once identified the question asked was, "how do we assess the problem?". To be consistent in the approach to assessing the problem the MIEPB decided to publish a guideline that would be a reference manual for the mining companies, government agencies and other interest groups. To ensure that the manual was current the MIEPB contracted a consulting firm to, under the direction of the MIEPB, write the document. The most important criteria that the consultant had to meet was that of producing a document that was not a text book but rather a "hands-on" users manual. If success can be measured in numbers then the over two hundred and fifty requests that we have had for the Guidelines would indicate to us that the Guidelines are a success.

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