British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Mining and the public : the Sullivan experience Whale, Andrew; Simkus, Ron; Duncan, Laura


In 1990, Cominco Ltd announced the indefinite closure of the Sullivan Mine, stimulating concerns from the community of Kimberley, regarding environmental protection and mine reclamation. The B.C. Ministry of Energy Mines and Petroleum Resources (MEMPR) established a Public Liaison Committee (SPLC) to review the Sullivan Mine Decommissioning and Closure Plan. This committee, open to participation by all interested parties, was formed to provide local public input to the Reclamation Advisory Committee on the terms and conditions of the Mines Act Reclamation Permit. The East Kootenay Environmental Society, through the commitment of two of its members, has participated very extensively in the public review process. Through an open exchange between the committee's constituent groups and through Cominco's active support, understanding of diverse needs and concerns was achieved without wasteful confrontation. The paper describes the success of this process, the evolution of the committee and the unique format of the process.

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