British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Reclamation and revegetation of mine spoils using biosolids : Princeton trial projects Salahub, Donna; Sahlstrom, David; Wilson, Steve


Reclamation of waste rock or tailings piles is difficult at best. Repeated applications of fertilizer may not address the problems in waste rock or tailings such as an absence of organic matter, poor moisture regime, pH imbalance, surface temperature fluctuations, or low nutrient status. An application of biosolids (treated municipal wastewater sludge) can address these problems and speed the establishment of a sustainable vegetation cover which can support itself with reduced dependency on additional fertilizer applications. Biosolids from Vancouver were applied to sites on the Tailings Pile located in the Town of Princeton and to waste rock dump sites at the Similco minesite in October 1992. The applications were made using a variety of different types of equipment and techniques to respond to the different site terrain and conditions. A wide range of biosolids application rates were tested. This report describes the application phase including site conditions, application rates and methods, sludge quality, monitoring, and research aspects of the project.

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