British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Reform of environmental assessment in British Columbia Morgan, Bruce; Dryden, Doug


For the past year the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks has been leading the development of environmental assessment legislation for British Columbia. The major features of the proposed legislation that support the symposium theme -- "building confidence" -- will be outlined. These include: creation of a comprehensive process that will address impacts throughout the life cycle of the project and that will use follow-up programs to verify the accuracy of the assessment and mitigation measures; the ability to set time frames for public comments and government action; formation of an Environmental Assessment Directorate to administer the process in a neutral and efficient manner; establishment of an Environmental Assessment Board to conduct public reviews of complex and contentious projects; access to information and opportunities for public involvement throughout the review process, and the ability to directly involve First Nations, the federal government and local governments in the review process.

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