British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The Henretta dragline project : mitigating the environmental impacts Berdusco, Roger Joseph; Wood, J. Alex


The economic recovery of over 5 million tons of high quality coking coal in the Henretta Creek Valley in South Eastern British Columbia posed significant challenges to Mine Planners, Engineers, Hydrologists, Biologists and Environmental Specialists. The challenge was to recover the coal reserves from not only the valley flanks, but from under the main valley floor, on which runs Henretta Creek, a fish-bearing stream. The approval process, which included several Provincial Ministries under the Mine Development Review Process and the Federal Environmental Assessment Review Process, is discussed. This case history also discusses in some detail the planning and construction of the Henretta Dragline Mining Project with emphasis on the water control structures and fisheries management works for the native Cutthroat Trout. A diversion of Henretta Creek through large diameter steel culverts nearly 1 km long, and a specialized crossing of the creek which allows fish passage were among the many innovative construction techniques. The mine reclamation plan and offsite mitigation works for both fish and big game wildlife species, are also explained.

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