British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The GLOBE Series : dealing with environmental challenges Marshall, David W. I.


GLOBE (GLobal Opportunities for Business and the Environment) is a series of international Conferences and Trade Fairs designed to advance global sustainable development by encouraging practical solutions to environmental challenges and promoting related business opportunities and responsibilities. The GLOBE Series focuses foremost on the role of industry in the achievement of sustainable development, and promotes the innovation of industry-driven solutions to environmental challenges that are in keeping with proven business strategy. The Trade Fair is a marketplace for the environment industry, promoting both the sale of state-of-the-art environmental products, services and technologies, as well as the strategic alliances essential in global trade. The Conference is a meeting place for the presentation of practical solutions and case studies demonstrating the principles of sustainable development. GLOBE'90, the first event in this series, was convened in March of 1990. It proved an international success with participation from over 70 countries. GLOBE'92, to be held from March 16-22, 1992, will explore the ways in which technological know-how, market forces and cross-sectoral cooperation can be mobilized to address environmental challenges. The importance and increasing relevance of the GLOBE Series is underscored by its inclusion in Canada's recently developed Green Plan

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