British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

An integrated mineral development/mine rehabilitation program for the Province of Ontario Walters, D. G.; Rabski, H. J.


Ontario assumes a world class status in the production of many mineral commodities. To maintain this position in the world mining community, the province relies on the production from approximately 60 mines extending across the vastness of the province. An active exploration and mineral development program is essential in maintaining this status. Growing concern of the public and government with respect to the environment has led the mining industry to adopt new and enlightening environmental policies. In Ontario, changes to legislation regulating the industry have significantly changed the role of the mineral development program. On June 3, 1991 the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines assumed responsibility for Mine Rehabilitation. This paper will highlight the expectations with respect to mine rehabilitation for producers in the province along with the Ministry' s philosophy concerning the relationship between mineral development and rehabilitation programs.

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