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British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Constructed wetland experiment for treating AMD at Bell Copper Gallinger, Ross; Gormely, Lynton Spencer, 1946-; Kistritz, Ron Udo, 1949-; Sobolewski, André, 1956-


Constructed wetlands have been used to remove iron from coal mine acid mine drainage and have been proposed for removal of other heavy metals and acid. The authors are conducting a constructed wetland experiment to treat AMD seepage at Bell Mine. Feed copper concentration and flow rate can be varied, and effects on the disposition of deposited metals will be measured, statistically evaluated, and related to season and meteorology. Vegetation metal uptake and sulphate reducing bacterial activity in the sediments will be assessed for a four year period. The results should enable the mining industry to better assess the role for constructed and natural wetlands in AMD treatment. Sedge and cat-tail have been transplanted from nearby Newman Lake into test ponds, and baseline evaluation work is in progress. Loading of the ponds with AMD is expected in mid-1991. The paper will present a status report on progress of the experiment at Bell Mine.

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