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British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

The relationship between reclamation and sustainable economic development Powter, C. B. (Christopher Barrett); Chymko, N. R.


Sustainable economic development is defined as development which ensures that the utilization of resources and the environment today does not damage prospects for their use by future generations. It is relatively easy to see how this concept can be applied to renewable resources; it is more difficult to understand how it can be applied to a "drastic" disturbance, such as a surface mine, where the resource is permanently removed. One mechanism for achieving this is reclamation. This paper will define sustainable economic development in the context of non-renewable resources and examine the changing nature of reclamation over time. A review of the Alberta Government's approach to reclamation will show how we tie reclamation and sustainable economic development together. Finally I will also challenge reclamationists to promote their wares to the public.

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