British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

A review of acid generation research at the Samatosum Mine Denholm, Eric; Hallam, Robert L., 1945-


The Minnova Inc./Rea Gold Corporation Joint Venture operates the Samatosum 465 tpd open pit mine located near Kamloops, B.C. Ore production began in May, 1989. Sulphide ore minerals are hosted primarily by quartz-carbonate vein. Waste rock in the immediate vicinity of the ore zone may contain up to 40% pyrite visually. All waste rock types have been categorized either as acid consuming or potentially acid generating (PAG) based on the results of acid/base accounting. The waste dump design alternately layers acid consuming and PAG rock types. This has the effect of encapsulating PAG material in an envelope of acid consuming material. A laboratory simulation (column leach test program) of the proposed waste dump geometry was initiated in February, 1989 in order to test the validity of the waste dump design hypothesis. The end result of the column leach test program is expected to be a model of the layering technique which may be applied to other sites. The laboratory simulation has, to date, confirmed the effectiveness of the layering technique in controlling leachate pH in a laboratory environment.

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