British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Through conceptual planning to sustainable landscapes at Highland Valley Copper Jones, Carol Elizabeth, 1953-; Densmore, H. B.


The Highland Valley Copper mine site in south-central British Columbia is the largest base metals mine in North America and is comprised of four distinct mining areas: Lornex, Valley, Highmont and Bethlehem. Reclamation studies and programs have been under way at Bethlehem and Lornex since 1970 and extensive areas of wastes have been reclaimed. Large scale reclamation of the Highmont site began in 1988. Mining disturbances are scheduled for reclamation as soon as areas become permanently inactive and these activities are planned to continue through the year 2016. Land use objectives for the various portions of the mine site are defined in the conceptual reclamation plan and are refined as operational scale plans are developed. Issues and constraints include the physical properties of the various waste materials, range of climatic conditions, metal content of plants grown on wastes, chemistry of water sources, and the requirements of various end land users. Examples are given of levels of planning detail and of mine areas restored for various land uses.

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