British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Strategies for the prediction of acid mine drainage Lawrence, Richard W.; Ritcey, Gordon M.; Poling, G. W. (George Wesley)


A comprehensive 1 year study has been carried out to evaluate and compare methods to predict the formation of acid mine drainage (AMD) and to make recommendations on the methods most suitable for laboratory and field use. This paper presents the findings of this study and includes a brief description of methods evaluated, a summary of the test results, and a discussion on the ability of the methods to accurately predict field behaviour. A principal conclusion made from the results of the study is that accurate and confident prediction of AMD is not likely to be achieved in a single test. Factors affecting the choice of test procedures to be used for a given tailing or waste rock are discussed on the basis of simplicity, time, equipment, cost, ease of interpretation, and correlation with field data. In addition, approaches to be used in the selection of AMD prediction methods for site specific applications involving either land-based or sub-aqueous waste deposition are outlined.

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