British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

An overview of mine reclamation in British Columbia Errington, J. C., 1946-


Prior to the early 60's, mining in British Columbia was largely confined to small underground operations. As a result of the development of large open pit mines in the early 1960's and the commencement of open pit coal mining in 1968, the Government of British Columbia introduced mine reclamation legislation in 1969. In 1973, there were changes to the legislation involving the addition of exploration, placer mines, sand and gravel pits and quarries. Although the legislation has slowly evolved through a series of amendments, the intent of reclamation legislation has remained relatively constant and has been in place in British Columbia for almost 16 years.... The philosophy of the Mines Act, which includes matters related to mine safety and reclamation, is not to tell the industry how to do something but rather to set the standard and let the industry accomplish it in the way most suited to them.

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