British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Resloping coal mine spoils at the Fording River Operations Berdusco, Roger Joseph; Lane, O. P.


Fording Coal Limited operates the Fording River Operations coal mine located in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. The mine site, as shown in Figure 1, is within the medial range of the southern Canadian Rocky Mountains, approximately 136 km north of the United States - Canadian border, and 6 to 12 km west of the British Columbia - Alberta provincial border. The Fording River Operations produces an average of 4 million tons of cleaned coal per annum, primarily for export to Japan. Both thermal and metallurgical coal are produced at the minesite. Mining operations commenced in 1972 and are carried out on a continuous basis. The operations employ both truck/shovel and dragline mining techniques in multiple seam pits. Total material moved annually is approximately 42.6 million bank cubic metres (BCM) of waste and 6.0 million BCM of raw coal. This report summarizes the rationale and background with respect to resloping spoils at the minesite and describes the spoil resloping project carried out in 1984 in the South Greenhills spoil area.

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