British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Awards Banquet keynote address Marshall, R. T.


I also believe that at times like these we, as an industry, must work together with government to move forward. I am not suggesting that we look to reduce the Province's income but to examine some of the legislation that applies to our industry for possible areas where we could be more cost effective. In this regard, I must commend the B.C. Mining Association for undertaking the review of The Minerals Act, and, also as an illustration of industry co-operation, point out that the B.C. Mining Association and the Coal Association of Canada are jointly involved in reviewing some of the legislation to identify areas that need updating: again on a practical basis from both the standpoint of industry and government. I believe this approach makes a lot of sense and might form a model for the future. There are many areas where duplication of effort can be eliminated and through co-operation the same objectives accomplished at less cost. With respect to Canada's coal industry...[it is our] largest energy resource and will continue to play an important role.

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