British Columbia Mine Reclamation Symposium

Reclamation budgeting and costs in coal exploration Galbraith, D. M. (Donald Murray), 1934-; Fabro, Eugene W.; Hellyer, G.; Aiello, Robert; Berdusco, Roger Joseph


Due to the minimal amount of reclamation required, exploration reclamation costs are not usually included as a separate budget item when exploration program costs are estimated for the plains and foothills. Reclamation costs are normally less than 1% of the plains programs and range from 3% to 5% of the total program costs of the foothills programs. Depending on program size, exploration reclamation in the foothills and mountains may or may not be included as a separate budget item. In these areas budgeting for exploration reclamation can be very difficult due to the number of topographic and environmental variables involved. Within Crows Nest Resources Limited to date, logistic personnel have budgeted costs for exploration and reclamation in mountainous areas by estimating costs without the benefit of detailed cost figures from previous programs for comparison. Detailed accounting sheets in use for present exploration programs will assist in budgeting for new work. Budget estimates will improve as itemized cost data is collected.

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